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The 10 Best AI travel planner tools to use in 2024

This summer, travel smart with AI tools: from planning to booking, they are a great help to both independent traveller and travel agents


Travelers booking a vacation in Paris, a business trip to London or a family reunion in Rome will increasingly use a new tool for planning: AI-powered travel plan tools.

As this innovation begins to change how people plan, book and navigate their trips, the travel industry could experience a significant generative AI-fueled expansion. Some online travel agencies are already using AI to improve efficiencies, manage customer reviews, personalize trip planning and offer voice-assisted booking.

From the traveller side, the most frustrating part of travel is planning a trip. Spending hours deciding places to visit, things to do, and booking flights and hotels can be tedious and frustrating— only if you’re doing it manually.  What if someone can do all that for you within minutes?  That’s where AI travel planners come into the picture. These nifty tools take your preferences and constraints and create customized itineraries quickly. 

In this post, we’ve resumed a list of the best AI travel planners (so far, at least). Enjoy your travel minus the planning hassle with an AI travel planner of your choice! 

What Should You Look for in AI Travel Planner Tools

When selecting an AI travel planning tool, look for the following features:

  • Level of customization: assess what questions the AI asks and how many criteria it provides to generate an itinerary. The more customization a tool offers, the better it is for you
  • Ease of access: check the accessibility of each AI travel planner. Is it only available as a mobile app, or can it be accessed via a desktop browser as well? See if there’s an option to download and save itineraries for easy offline access
  • Collaborative features: some AI travel planners allow you to collaborate with your travel partners to create custom itineraries. Prefer those over the ones that don’t allow collaboration
  • Personal recommendations: some AI travel planners consider your input and past behavior to provide personalized tips and recommendations. Such tools are preferable
  • Add-on trip planning features: look for unique features, such as a map view or flight finder, which help you with other aspects of travel planning
  • Pricing: while most AI travel planners are free, some require a subscription to access advanced features. Check whether the price is worth it or if you can find what you’re looking for free

The 10 Best AI travel planner tools to use in 2024

Here’s our top ten list of the best AI travel planners you should try for your next trip. 

1. Layla (formerly Roam Around)

Layla is an easy-to-use AI travel planner that generates custom itineraries for tourist destinations across the globe. Simply enter your destination, travel dates, and preferences for a complete itinerary.

This is perfect for planning last-minute trips and vacations without the headache of planning things yourself.

Moreover, it uses GPT-3 technology to provide tailored travel recommendations, from where to eat to which places to see.

Layla best features
  • Sign in with Google and quickly start travel planning
  • Customize travel itineraries based on interests and budget
  • Get personalized recommendations and local travel guides
  • Chat with Layla to further customize your itineraries
  • Create shared bucket lists and collaborate with your friends
  • Access it via Android and iOS apps

2. Wonderplan

Looking for a travel planner who considers your detailed preferences, budget, and restraints to make a travel itinerary for you? Look no further than Wonderplan.

It’s one of the best AI-powered trip planners for those with budget constraints, providing detailed cost breakdowns for various activities. It lets you add or remove things from your itinerary to make it suit your specific needs.

Wonderplan best features
  • Make tailored itineraries based on your preferences and travel constraints
  • Get personalized recommendations for where to stay
  • Use interactive maps and navigation tools to visualize itineraries
  • Download and save your itineraries as PDF files and access them offline
  • Collaborate with your travel companions to make and modify plans
  • Get detailed cost breakdowns by activity

3. Trip Planner AI

This AI trip planner also generates custom itineraries but offers some unique features to streamline your travel planning process.

Trip Planner AI allows you to seek inspiration from Instagram reels and TikTok videos and add the recommended places to your itineraries. Unlike most AI travel planners, it offers route planning and can plan multi-destination trips.

Trip Planner AI best features
  • Seek inspiration from social media travel recommendation videos and add them to your itinerary
  • Modify your itinerary by adding or deleting activities till it is perfect for you
  • Get travel ideas from itineraries shared by other travelers in the community
  • Utilize AI to suggest optimal routes for your road trips
  • Collaborate with your travel companions to build highly tailored itineraries
  • Access it via your mobile or desktop browser


This travel planner asks you a few questions about your travel plans and generates a detailed itinerary based on your answers. 

It lets you modify and customize your itinerary by adding or removing activities and destinations. It also gives you easy ways to share your itinerary with your travel companions. best features
  • Answer a few questions and generate a detailed itinerary within seconds
  • Modify it yourself or collaborate with others to make travel plans
  • Share your itinerary publicly or privately and access it anywhere
  • Set a budget and plan your trip with that budget using this AI travel planner

5. Explorerg

Explorerg is an AI travel planner that requires you to describe your travel plans in an open-ended manner and gives you a few preset options to choose from when creating an itinerary.

You also have the option to select your travel dates and budget, along with the type of trip and other travel preferences.

Explorerg best features
  • Choose from prebuilt itineraries for top destinations
  • Create a customized itinerary by describing your travel plans and selecting your preferences
  • Find cheap flights using its Flight Finder feature
  • Visualize your journey using map preview and walkthrough features
  • Track costs and ensure your trip remains within your budget

6. GuideGeek

Unlike other AI travel planners on this list, GuideGeek is an AI travel assistant. It works like a chatbot, where you ask questions, and it will answer.

If you ask it to give you an itinerary, it will. However, the itineraries won’t be as customized as some of the other AI tools provide.
GuideGeek best features
  • Ask questions related to your travel plans and get detailed answers
  • Seek recommendations for hotels, things to do, and more
  • Get tips on ways to save money, avoid crowds, or anything else
  • Access the tool via WhatsApp or Instagram Messenger

7. Curiosio

Curiosio is the ideal road trip planning tool that helps you plan the precise route you should take and the stops you should make.  Enter the trip details, and Curiosio will provide you with an interactive route map to engage with and modify. 

It’s also capable of creating itineraries and providing cost and time breakdowns of trips.

Curiosio best features
  • Add the places you want to visit on your road trip and get suggestions on the best route to take
  • Get suggestions on how to spend your time and money
  • Create a customized itinerary that meets your travel preferences and budget
  • Enter your destination and get curated travel content relevant to inspire your travel plans
  • Add the details once and get multiple travel plan options

8. Vacay

Vacay offers a chatbot, an itinerary builder, and thematic advisors for niche travel planning. This makes it an all-in-one travel planning solution catering to various users.

Whether you want to auto-generate a quick itinerary or get answers to specific travel-related questions, Vacay can help. Unlike free AI travel planners, this is a freemium tool with paid plans and advanced features. Vacay positions its paid plans as tools for travel advisors and booking agents.

Vacay best features
  • Ask questions to the Vacay chatbot and get personalized recommendations and answers
  • Use the interactive itinerary planner to create detailed travel itineraries
  • Leverage thematic advisors to plan trips based on specific themes, such as luxury vacations or pet-friendly trips
  • Access tons of travel resources from hotels and flights to cruises


This is another freemium tool that offers customized itineraries and personalized travel recommendations. Apart from basic questions like travel dates, it also asks what kind of a traveler you are and which transportation modes you prefer.

The interface is easy to use, with a visual form to input details before it generates an itinerary for you. There’s no subscription model, just a lifetime license fee, which is nominal. best features
  • Answer a few questions and get a custom itinerary in seconds
  • Use the plethora of options provided in the input form to tailor itineraries to your preferences
  • Get a link with the option to download itineraries in PDF, spreadsheet, and other formats
  • Use the itineraries as you like, share them with others, or even resell them without any limitations

10. TripBot

Last on our list of AI travel planners is TripBot—a travel planning app that helps you create detailed itineraries. It gives personalized recommendations and insider tips to find offbeat experiences and hidden gems.

TripBot best features
  • Mention your budget, accommodation, and other preferences to get custom itineraries
  • Ask travel-related questions and get personalized travel recommendations
  • Get access to other AI assistants, such as a writing assistant

Other helpful travel planning tools

While AI travel planners are quick, they’re not always accurate. If you want more control over your itinerary but need tools to make trip planning easier, you should consider tools like ClickUp.


ClickUp is a project management tool with powerful AI and templates to help with travel planning. ClickUp Brain, the platform’s AI-powered assistant, helps you easily check everyone’s schedules and plan a business trip. Use ClickUp AI to create automatic plans and fully customizable outlines in seconds.

Use ClickUp Docs to create detailed to-do lists with various days and activities planned for each day. Its infinite nesting lists allow you to go as in-depth as you like. If you prefer planning your trips yourself and with intricate detail, then ClickUp is the only AI travel planner tool you need. 

ClickUp best features
  • Create infinite lists of things to do using ClickUp Docs
  • Use ClickUp travel planning templates to create itineraries and record trip details
  • Record information on travel contacts, flight times, and hotel bookings, including check-in and checkout times
  • Share saved travel plans and ideas in one click with your fellow travelers

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