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When fashion blends with technology: Ketti Yeung’s creative projects

Scientist, artist, designer and much more: this multi-faceted figure has made herself the bearer of truly unique contributions



Can art, physics, technology, and design merge? The answer is affirmative, and in Kitty Yeung‘s projects, this often happens.


This young artist who participated in the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the largest European event dedicated to innovation, is without a doubt a unique individual. However, to call Yeung only an “artist” would be reductive.


Kitty Yeung


Kitty, in fact, is above all a scientist, an expert in applied physics and engineering. Her knowledge and skills, however, also include design, drawing, fashion, and music, which is why a personality of this kind represents a perfect profile for an event like Maker Faire Rome, able to combine creativity, art, science, and technology to give a truly unique and comprehensive contribution.


Ph: artbyphysicistkittyyeung



Art and science, for Yeung, integrate perfectly, as does engineering and design


Consequently, electronics is an integral part of the projects of this multi-faceted Californian maker who, on the occasion of Maker Faire Rome, decided to show everyone how her creativity manages to provide clothing with decorative, functional and technological elements. Real wearable devices, therefore, are at the center of Yeung’s work. Fashion technology projects such as ”Saturn” and “Orchideous”, for example, demonstrate this concept to perfection.


Ph: artbyphysicistkittyyeung


Articles of clothing integrated into technology, and vice versa. Kitty Yeung’s work and projects were, especially in the context of Maker Faire Rome, really excellent examples of how we can enhance the role of art and hi-tech in everyone’s life.

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