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Z – Triton: The electrically powered vehicle can travel over land or water 

The vehicles has tiny room and kitchen and will be available to rent starting next year.


The Z-Triton from Latvian design studio Zeltini might be the perfect adventuring vehicle.Designer Aigars Lauzis created a tiny home that’s also a boat and tricycle, capable of traveling over land and water.  While the Z-triton isn’t yet available to buy, Zeltini has plans to start renting out the vehicle by 2021.

The studio’s mission to create sustainable products and prototypes that, along with being functional, are fun. This design, which looks a bit like an invention from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, fits the bill. Some of their past work is similarly inventive, like the Temple of Poop, a composting toilet that fertilizes its own roof garden.

The Z-Triton is designed as a tiny home, tricycle, and boat all in one.


Z-Triton can travel above land or water


Wheels fold up to take the vehicle from land to water.

The innovative Z-Triton could be availble for rent next year


One side is the front of a tricycle, with a bike seat for the driver. The back then becomes the front as it converts into a boat.


Some outlets have called it “a floating house on wheels.”



source: The Indian Times I Business Insider

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