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Freedom of Mobility
Freedom of Mobility

Freedom of Mobility

Freedom aims to provide a convenient yet portable way of commuting in an urban environment. Although there are other options available in the market such as the segway, solowheels and electric scooter. However, these existing products either require a high learning curve to adapt or too bulky to be portable and also it doesnt have any seat attached for users with weaker limbs.
As such, Freedom has been redesigned to provide the user to adapt to the vehicle seamlessly providing a comfortable riding experience, minimal learning curve involved and easy portability when carried onboard the public transport while retaining the cool and "wow" factor which other PEV has. The next interesting factor is the folding feature, which only requires less then 2 seconds to fold or unfold the bike, this certainly makes the bike very convienient when transporting.

Freedom provides a greener approach to commuting and an alternative method to ease traffic condition especially for urban dwellers who usually travel a distance of up to 3km.
Freedom is completely redesigned such that it boast the elimination of the frontal area of a conventional bike, providing a new riding experience. A seat is being provided for comfort when riding it for long distances. Freedom is designed to provide a perfect balance of compactness and stability with minimal learning curve. It was due to the folding mechanism design that the bike is able to transform its shape configuration to a 'inverted V" when unfolded, and back to a "I-like shape" when folded. A handle was also attached for easy portability when travelling around.

Freedom of Mobility

Jaron Lee Jia Wen, Brandon Chen

Jaron Lee and Brandon Chen are both classmates at the Singapore University of Technology and Design doing their final year of studies in pursuit of a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Engineering Product Development. The duo founded a startup "Freedom of Mobility" which aims to provide "Last Mile" solutions faced by urban dwellers. The duo is conversant in mechanical and electronics design, fabrication and rapid prototyping. Like many of other engineers out there, both are inspired to come out with innovations that solves everyday problems.

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