Espositori 2015



ITSPHUN is a system of geometric shapes made of plastic, wood, paper, foam, etc. It can be combined in endless ways to make wonderful and colourful creations at the intersection of art and mathematics.
It is designed for teaching math but it could also be just a fun tool.
It is meant to be display in math classes or in the playgrounds. It could also be a wonderful gift for your gifted child.


Carmen Ionescu

I am an MD but I always loved creating objects, especially geometric ones. As I am not a "real" artist with a "real" studio, games and jewelry seemed a good choice, as you can make it on the corner of a table, and crocheting is even possible during travels.
One day I tried to grow crochet stiches in an exponential way and I obtained a leaf!! Then I decreased the stiches in the same way, and I got a shell! The next moment my house was filled with wire and metallised yarn, and crocheted shapes reminiscent of ocean or terrestrial life.

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