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We are a small start up located in the western part of Austria called Extrudr.
Extrudrs goal is to develop and produce high quality filaments made in the european union. The machine is developed and manufactured by the Extrudr team.
They spent months in developing new filaments with higher accuracy and printing speeds. The focus lies on high melt flow rates, representing low viscosity properties, resulting in better sticking from layer to layer and faster printing speeds. With their ABS, the Extrudr team is able to print up to 300mm/s with a common printer.



Extrudr - Johannes Früh, Marco Deapoli, Moritz Begle

Extrudr was founded in February 2014 by Johannes and Marco. Some months later Moritz, an architect,Fabacademy graduate and Researcher at the ETH Zurich, joined the Team.
Johannes has an background in engineering and studied Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Marco is an engineer for automatisation and studied strategic management at the University of Innsbruck.

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