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Greening Leather
Greening Leather

Greening Leather


The fouling of environment, excessive water use and threat to
workforce are the underlying negative image plaque denting this US$ 79
Billion Leather industry by 2014 valuation.

We've developed, prototyped and patented novel 60-minute fast
acting biobased cellulose derived products which overcomes this menace
with novel fast, odor-free and secondary waste value addition approach
and product.

Greening Leather

Taslim Owonikoko

Berekotry Ltd is a multiple award winning private African start-up with more than a decade of R&D exploits and success stories with Multiple Patent that cover the biobased related industrial products' development. The company is engaging in both the pyrolytic and Non pyrolytic conversion of agro cellulose materilas to several industrial products that are applicable in Automotive, Semiconductor, coatings,Lubricants, biolpolymers, wood preservatives,Leather processing, Life Sciences
Berekotry Limited and its passionate President and Chemical Engineer of more than 20years innovation experience Mr Taslim Owonikoko are soul mates and it is difficult to separate him from his company or his numerous landmark inventions and Agro-based industrial innovations. He is an energetic, inspiring, and talented enterprising inventor, who sees and understands exactly what Nigerians and the global community need to oil the wheel of innovation system. He has garnered numerous awards from within and outside Nigeria In the last couple of years . Some of which are, Innocentive-MIT-CBS Gift Certificate Award , USA, National Gold Innovation Award, Nigeria , Global Top 100 Best Innovators by General Electric Ecomagination Challenge, USA and recently capped with the Best Award Winner on National Science & Innovation awarded by the Federal Ministry Of Science & Technology in Conjunction with United Nations Development Program in Nigeria 2013. He has been nominated on industrial/Innovation tours to South Korea, India ,Ethiopia
The company's Ceo emerged as one of the top Global R&D innovators awarded by General Electric (USA) of the GE ecomagination Challenge for his novel work on bio reinforced critical material alternative in the production of power semiconductors. The company was a finalist at the 2010 United Nations Science With Africa Challenge , Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
The company emerged the best Federal Government & UNDP-Award sponsored Innovative company in Ngeria 2007 & 2014 back to back.

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