Espositori 2015



I am really interested in creating a modular project and in experimenting with different harware interfacing with each other. My idea is to build a project made of different Lego-styled cubes, each of which is able to interact with the other similar units.
Each of these twister cubes will have 5 identical faces to connect with the other units,or with a lego pieces, while the sixth face will twist on its own axes using a servo motor and reduction gears.
On each of the 5 connecting faces, thare will be a special Lego-styled-compatible pins connecting each unit to the others both mechanically and electronically. The whole object will be made of as many units as you wish and will serve as a twisting robotic arm, cubic snake or anything your hidden childish imagination can think about.
All twister cube have is own battery, and it can be controlled via wifi by an integrated javascript application.


Giacomo Falaschi

Hi folks! I'm Giacomo Falaschi, I'm a 33 year-old Tuscan guy, based in a very small town called Contea where, with some friends I funded a FabLab, perhaps the smallest one of Italy.I have always been interested in sports, such as snowboarding, kayaking, enduro and downhill. I first got in touch with digital fabrication through the RepRap world, several years ago. Since then I have been experiencing various types of 3d printing (I create Falla3d project) and experimenting with different kinds of machines ad materials.

While doing this, I realized the importance of a collaboration between different knowledges and people: that's what brought me to fund a FabLab in my small town.


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