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OLEDCOMM Internet by light !
OLEDCOMM Internet by light !

OLEDCOMM Internet by light !

With LiFi, creating the light as a service - communication through the light
LiFi is a new optical wireless communication using LED lighting to send numerical data. OLEDCOMM designs, manufactures and markets comprehensive solutions to transform a lighting network into a real communication network that is green, economical and totally secure just with simple LEDs. The LiFi opens a new era in wireless data without electromagnetic pollution, without saturation of bandwidth and with a cost much lower than WiFi installation. The LiFi enables communication where the WiFi was not allowed or when it is disrupted by the surrounding metal frameworks and of course underwater.
OLEDCOMM will present their last LiFi solutions in GeoLiFi® (how to transform your Lighting network in a GPS Indoor system with very high accuracy and without radio waves) and in LiFiNet® Ultimate system of Internet LiFi in high speed connection).

OLEDCOMM Internet by light !


Founder of LiFi technology at OLEDCOMM

  F19 - OLEDCOMM Internet by light !

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