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Symme3D - Multifunctional delta platform

Symme3D - Multifunctional delta platform

Symme3D (symmetry) is a high performance, 3D Printer, CNC Mill and Laser etcher, delta platform that's customizable, modular, fast, and silent during operation. It was developed by Calin Brandabur with a team of 4 highly specialized engineers and the prototype is ready for production.
It features 2 types of material for the frame, an aluminium compozite one and a full aluminium body, CNC cut to very small tolerances and designed with ease and error free and fast assembly in mind. The toolheads are completely modular and two sets of each tool head are offered, one accessible one high end. The total number of toolheads is 10.
All part vendors are in Europe, mainly Romania and the manufacturing and assembly are sourced in Timisoara (West of Romania).
The final MSRP prices range from $1000-$1500 for the full option compozite body (any color) version and ~$2500 for the full aluminium body.
For more information please visit
Contact: Calin Brandabur,, +40 754 628 783

Symme3D - Multifunctional delta platform

Calin Brandabur

Călin Brandabur is a Senior Software development engineer which excells in software architecture and management, business analysis and project management and lately product industrial design and development.

His enthusiasm allows him to take all his know-how and build things from scratch. A home automation project and a 3D printer are his latest projects that have stirred both questions and admiration from his fellow colleagues and friends.

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