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nūfood 3D printer

nūfood 3D printer

nūfood offers endless possibilities for shape, flavour and texture. Sweet and savoury ‘flavour bombs’ are designed on our friendly mobile app and 3D printed in a few short minutes. nūfood 3D printer is the ultimate convenience - juicy and playful creations to accompany any meal or drink.

If you're interested in ordering a nūfood 3D printer, please register your interest here:
United Kingdom

nūfood 3D printer


Dovetailed is a user experience and product design studio based in Cambridge. Founded in 2011, their main focus is human experience with machines. Their award-winning design work aims to influence behaviour, invoke curiosity and elevate everyday experiences.

Dovetailed have completed projects for Microsoft, Palo Alto Research Centre, AVEVA and GE. Recent projects include hats that highlight the presence of nearby surveillance cameras, mobile toolkits for sensing and understanding the pulse of a city, and an exploration of a community's vibe using embedded technology and street art.

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