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Droni e sicurezza

Droni e sicurezza

La Sapritalia è un'associazione senza scopo di lucro di promozione sociale che promuove la cultura della sicurezza del volo soprattutto per i droni. Ultimamente, la Commissione europea ha consegnato il prototipo di regole Europei e la JARUS ha consegnato alcuni documenti interessanti. Spiegheremo che cosa ce nel progetto delle future normative Europee e cosa sono le SORA. Stuttureremmo i nostri interventi partendo dal punto di vista di hobbisti appassionati fino a i professioni che vorebbe capire come sarà il futuro.

Droni e sicurezza

Olivier Fontaine

President Accountable and Safety manager of SAPRITALIA (No profit organization).
Actually teaching in the Charles Lindbergh Academy, practical laboratory for RC model aircraft and drones, meteorology, logistic and navigation.

Training and education:

• June 2016 EASA Aircrew Workshop on “Update of the Theoretical Knowledge, Learning Objectives and Syllabi for the ATPL, MPL, CPL and IRs and Assessing Students’ Progress (RMT.0595)”
• March 2016 ICAO SMS and EASA Management System Requirement (JAA-TO Certificate of accomplishment)
• March 2015 First ICAO Mundial RPAS Symposium (ICAO head quarter Montréal)
• April 2014 JARUS second dissemination workshop at Eurocontrol
• March 2013 Grenoble France. Drone pilot French licence at Delta Drone DNC N° DD-000000020
• March 2013. Investigation search & rescue, and security Drone Pilots Certification. EDPA (European Drone Pilot Association) Rome Italy
• 18-19 February 2010 Training at JAA training organization Hoofdorp Neetherland. Quality Management (Principle and practice in aviation environment.)
• 17 September 2008 Certified by the WestAir Luxembourg company as
o Operation officer.
o Weather analyser.
• August 2007 T.P.V. “Technicien Préparateur de Vol” and Flight Dispatcher at E.S.M.A. Ecole supérieure des métiers aéronautiques, Montpellier, France.
• 2005 C.A.E.A. Certified in aeronautical education ability. IUT technical university institute of Créteil France.
• 2004: Pilot licence
o Licence glider pilot n°02060006004 Chambery France
o Licence ultra-light 3 axes n°02060000305 Grenoble France
• 1997: Technical management for art performances and theatres. Toulouse France
• 1984-1985: C.N.D.C. National centre of contemporary dance (Merce Cunningham). Anger France.

Professional experiences:

• 2016 To be Published “Remote Pilot Aircraft System (RPAS): just culture, human factors and learnt lessons” Chemical Engineering Transactions Vol. 52, 2016 ISBN 978-ˇ88-ˇ95608-ˇ43-ˇ3; ISSN 2283-ˇ9216
o Olivier Fontaine*(a), Alberto Martinettib, Sofia Michaelides-Mateouc
o (a) Sapritalia, Turin, Italy
o (b) Department of Design, Production and Management (OPM), University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
o (c) Abu Dhabi University, UAE
• June 2016 Mandated by FIAPR (Federazione Italiana APR) represent Italian RPAS community at UVS International RPAS2016. Brussel Belgium.
• May 2016 Lecture: “RomaDrone” Volare con i SAPR: patentino o licenza? Altrove sarà licenza!” Rome Italy
• April 2016 Technical report “RPAS Training needs” for SESAR Drones Outlook Study. Brussel Belgium
• 2015-2016 Teaching RPAS theoretical knowledge at Carlo Grassi Aeronautical Technical and Vocational High School. Turin Italy
• November 2015 Lecture: at ILO United Nation: “The future of drones, professional opportunities” Turin Italy
• September 2015 Rules and regulation framework study. OPGC University France. RPAS and Vulcan ash cloud exploration for vaac & ashtam. Stromboli Italy.
• June 2015 Lecture: “Education a key for safety” at RPAS2015 UVS international Brussel Belgium..
• June 2015 Mandated by FIAPR (Federazione Italiana APR) represent Italian RPAS community at UVS International RPAS2015. Brussel Belgium.
• May 2015 Lecture: “Droni, un futuro mondiale” Turin Italy.
• January 2015 Lecture: “Art and Drones”. Turin Italy
• October 2014 Lecture: Presentation result of Sapritalia’s research “Relation between knowledge and safety” at the second JARUS Harmonisation workshop. Bern Switzerland.
• 2014-2016 Teaching in Sapritalia’s RPAS theoretical training organization. Turin Italy
• 30/10/2014 obtain Italian NAA (ENAC) approval for Sapritalia’s RPAS Training organisation (ENAC.APR.OA.3399) Turin Italy.
• October 2014 Lecture: “La storia dei droni e della regolamentazione aeronautica” at dronitaly Expo Milano Italy
• May 2014 Lecture: Droni, tecnologie e servizi. L’Italia e i Paesi dell’area UE alle prese con il boom degli UAV “The draft of European RPAS regulation and the JARUS” at RomaDrone Expo2014. Rome Italy.
• February 2014 Lecture: “How to train a pilot” at Modena University. Modena Italy.
• July 2013 Founder and president of the no profit organisation Sapritalia.
• July 2010 Coordinator for the SPYZ00 drone project. Airframe design & test flight.
• May 2010 Appointed as ground instructor at “Fly to Fly”. Turin Italy
• 2009-2016 Teacher for laboratories, meteorology and navigation at the Charles Lindbergh Academy. Rivoli Turin Italy.
• 2008-2009 Flight dispatcher and weather analyser at West Air Luxembourg company. Luxembourg.
• 2005-2007 Teacher in Aeronautical Vocational high school, Charles Lindbergh Academy. Turin Italy
o Navigation from basic level to A.T.P.L.
o Meteorology: From fundamental to pilot specific level.
o Large culture in aeronautical generalities.
• 1997- 2004 Technical management for stage performances and “festivals”
o Toulouse and European tour.
• 1985- 1996 Professional contemporary dancer. France, Germany, Indonesia...

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