Espositori 2017

Portrait Painter
Portrait Painter

Portrait Painter

Portrait Painter:
A robot that paints portraits with brushes and paint, using a digital image as a source of information.
No points, no lines to reproduce the image. Real brush strokes are generated like those used by a human painter.
Totally autonomous.
Selects between four different brushes, cleans them when it changes color or tone
Mixes the different paintings obtaining more than 150 different colors.

Portrait Painter

José Salatino

Self-taught, obsessed by knowing how things work, and by building new things. A covert maker that comes to light after his encounter with Arduino. What can I do? A little electronics, a bit of programming, I'm skilled with my hands, and I was born in a country where you have to solve problems with the least resources. What I want: The same as everyone: To be able to live doing what I like: Invent and build simple and cheap useful machines.

  C18 (pav. 9)
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