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PlayMarche 2.0
PlayMarche 2.0

PlayMarche 2.0

The project consists of an app/ videogame able to show the area of the province of Macerata with the most suited language for children:
- different levels of play, each of them able to explain and tell the story of the area, its cultural heritage and its excellence
-12 towns and 15 sites of interest
-7 young protagonists whose aim is to discover the peculiarities of the territory
-protagonists are meeting 12 historical characters (such as Matteo Ricci or Alberico Gentili) for each of the 12 towns to visit
-possibility to take advantage of the game both by remote and in individual sites of interest
-a perfect confluence of history, territory and fun

PlayMarche 2.0

On the link is available the list of all realities involved in the project:

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