Espositori 2017



The project is about an e-bike powered by a 24-Volt permanent magnet motor, lithium battery and an electric power control unit controlled by an Arduino Uno board. The motor is connected to a transmission chain through a gear train. The power flow is controlled by an accelerator pedal sensor, up to max. 1000 Watt.
A LCD display will show the battery tension, the power mapping and the bike speed in km/h. The power shown three different possibilities of tracking: eco, normal, and sport, each one corresponds to a maximum limit of power one can reach.


Rita Asquini, Emanuele Mieli, Roberto Ascione

Rita Asquini is Professor in Electronic Engineering. She carries out research on fiber optoelectronic devices and systems . She is the author of more than 140 publications in national and international journals and congresses acts, as well as co-inventor of a patent.

Roberto Ascione is an electronics Engineer, currently working as Project Manager at NTT DATA Italia S.p.A . He has a teching experience on issues related to coding, robotics, electronic technologies and project management, and collaborates with the Sapienza course on Applied Electronics.

Emanuele Mieli is attending a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is passionate about mechanical and electronic systems . In his free time he is committed to practically practicing what he learns in the faculty classes.

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