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Neanderthal Skull
Neanderthal Skull

Neanderthal Skull

Understanding the origns of the Homo Sapiens means going far beyond the evolution of species, and look deeply inside some crucial events in human history, such as the separation of the evolutive lines between our species and Neanderthals. In Italy, the discovery of the Neanderthal skull in the Guattari Cave (Mount Circeo, Lazio) is one of the most relevant. The current project is an interactive presentation of the process of studies concerning this important find, from its digitalization and digital restoration, by following three main steps:
1. the digitalization of the skull through photogrammetry (digital cast) on a Arduino-based rotating platform
2. the digital restoration of the model through specific software
3. observation of the 3d printed model as an output of the previous operation
This interactive path is an innovative approach to scientific research with the aim to get involved the general public in the scientific archeological processes.
The project has been developed and carried on by the Laboratoy of Paleoanthropology and Bioarcheology of the Environmental Biology Department of the Sapienza University of Rome, in collaboration with Officine Museali of the Sapienza Museum Network, where the 3d print of the skull is realized.

Neanderthal Skull

Giorgio Manzi

Giorgio Manzi is full professor of Anthropology at the Department of Environmental Biology of Sapienza University. His main field of work deals with the study of human evolution by applying a multidisciplinary approach. One of the research lines is the morphological study of human fossils through the application of 3D imaging and virtual restoration techniques. Prof. Giorgio Manzi is also the current director of Sapienza museum hub ( as well as of the Museum of Anthropology "G. Sergi » (

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