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BIS Spaceflight Simulators
BIS Spaceflight Simulators

BIS Spaceflight Simulators

We will present three spaceflight simulators all implemented using open-source technologies.
A Soyuz spacecraft simulator will let people approach and dock with a space station.
An Apollo Command and Service Module will let people perform orbital maneuvers and rendezvous also using a working Apollo Guidance Computer (original software).
An Apollo Lunar Module simulator will let people perform the landing on the Moon also using a working Apollo Guidance Computer (original software).
All simulators have aspects from the original spacecraft and also the relevant portions of cockpit panels are faithfully represented.
United Kingdom

BIS Spaceflight Simulators

BIS-Italia Engineering Team

The British Interplanetary Society (BIS) promotes the exploration and use of space for the benefit of humanity, by connecting people to create, educate and inspire, and advance knowledge in all aspects of astronautics. The BIS is Britain’s leading think-tank on international space development. The BIS organises lectures and conferences, it produces general and technical publications, it brings its members together to network and cooperate on projects, it informs space policy, and it represents the UK in space activities throughout the world. Its international membership is also represented in some cases by its international branches like BIS-italia who specializes in unique educational activities about space exploration and space engineering.

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