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Virtual Biographical Archive (ViBiA)

The platform collects, in an integrated environment, the filing and the digitization of largely unpublished documents and the cataloging of objects / finds belonging to the victims, they come from different places of conservation but they are all collected in ViBiA in a single virtual dossier registered to every single victim, also equipped with a set of biographical and historical data. ViBiA has three hierarchical levels: the first is dedicated to the virtualized documentary complex in a collection; the second is intended for nominative files responding to individual victims, the third is a level divided into two modules, one dedicated to document units (DOCUMENT module) and the other to the cataloging of objects attached to them or to individual objects that are free from the original documentary contexts (SUBJECT FORM). The second level is therefore composed of the virtual nominative dossiers corresponding to the identified and unidentified victims; this latter category, which in turn contains two types of unknown victims: the first corresponding to victims whose name is known and, thanks to the analysis of the documentation considered untraceable, now also the date and place of birth, together with the place and prison cell. The second one, corresponding to victims whose data are not known and whose only body number is known.

Virtual Biographical Archive (ViBiA)

Alessia Glielmi, Rossi Marielisa, Partner tecnologico del progetto: Space spa


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