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Our research has brought us to design a completely new font, highly readable by the dyslexic and reproducible by the dysgraphic and dysorthographic; and to create an App to support the student in his/her studies. Our purpose is, to help students making them autonomous in their reading and homework so to achieve satisfactory, and even excellent, results; on the other hand we aim to support families and school by proposing tailored solutions to better fit their child’s needs.
ImpReading App is a compensatory tool that modify original PDF font documents with ImpReading Font. “Text to speech” reads in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. The App can be used since the age of 5


Pier Gianni Medaglia (CARIS, Tor Vergata), Francesca Dragotto (CARIS, Tor Vergata), Ilaria De Meis (CARIS, Tor Vergata), Elena Imperiali (ImpReading Software srl)

Pier Gianni Medaglia is an associate professor at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". He is the Delegate of the Rector for the Inclusion of students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disabilities and chief of Commission CARIS

Francesca Dragotto is an associate professor and linguist at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" . She has multi-year experience in teacher training and publishing

Ilaria De Meis has a multi-year experience in speech therapy and language disorders

Elena imperiali is CEO and Founder of ImpReading Software srl. Following the experience as a set designer and interior decorator, she designed ImpReading Font. With an experiences team in SDL she has collaborated in the creation of the project. Coordinator between the team of experts and the development companies.

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