Espositori 2018

Underwater Manipulation

We present our current efforts in multi-agent underwater vehicle manipulator systems endowed with dexterous manipulation end effectors. Such systems, either autonomous or semiautonomous, are appropriate for underwater intervention missions extending from oil / power industry to search & rescue and archaeology operations. Standard operational Remotely Operated Vehicles are used and we endowed them with our home/custom made manipulators and dexterous end effectors. We plan to bring along two of our early (small) such type of setups for demonstration purposes, along with 3 large (A0 size) posters and videos on 2 terminals. Leaflets will be distributed to the public.

Underwater Manipulation

Control Systems Lab, Mechanical Engineering Dept., National Technical University of Athens, Greece

National Technical University of Athens, NTUA, is the oldest & largest engineering institution in Greece. The Control Sys. Lab (CSL) ( of the Mech. Eng. Dept. NTUA, led by Prof. Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos (, is an internationally recognised center for R & D in robotics and automation technologies, with international contacts in industry, government and the EU. It is a team of 3 faculty and 6 permanent engineers with prior experience in leading EU, US & Canada based organisations and interests in robotics, mechatronics & automation technologies. It has expertise in design, modelling and control of heterogeneous multi-agent systems obtained mainly by a number of research projects.

  H7 (pav. 5) - National Technical University of Athens, Greece - Control Systems Lab

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