Espositori 2018

Low-cost 3D printing for advanced surgical simulation in Urology

Simulation must represent the platform for surgical training. It can be used for surgical planning or to simulate a procedure at the basic, intermediate or advanced level. 3D printing allows to build a 3D anatomic model to make simulation as much realistic as possible. In Urology, endoscopic simulation of the procedure at the level of the upper urinary tract allows to simulate procedure like ureteroscopy or ureterorenoscopy. An advanced level of upper urinary tract endoscopy simulation needs a model to allow navigation in the upper urinary tract and laser lithotripsy, a procedure for disintegration of stone in the kidney or ureter. The actual models for simulation of upper urinary tract navigation are not optimal and realistic due to problem in the materials used and high-cost. Moreover laser lithotripsy can not be performed because of the lack of realistic stones. We are able to 3D print the upper urinary tract in latex, a material with good elasticity that mimic the in-vivo condition. Moreover we can 3D print a kidney stone according to its hardness revealed by CT scan in order to simulate a real laser lithotripsy both with fragmentation or dusting technique

Low-cost 3D printing for advanced surgical simulation in Urology

Roberto Miano, Stefano Germani in partnership with Medics3D (Torino)


  A1 (pav. 5) - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

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