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Robot Anprino
Robot Anprino

Robot Anprino

Robot Anprino uses open source and 3D printing to create a modular educational robot for pedagogical settings. Electronics and coding use Arduino and Blockly, allowing children to program. Parts are 3D printed and modular.

This is a non-profit project, created by teachers, enabled by ANPRI. Kits are cheap, free for schools from poor areas. Our website has part lists, 3D files, instructions and code available to everyone. Over 150 kits are used in schools across Portugal.

This is a project created by teachers to enable all children to use coding and robotics. A growing number of informatics teachers design learning scenarios for this robot, mixing programing and robotics with areas in primary education.

Robot Anprino

Fernanda Ledesma; Luís Dourado; Artur Coelho

Fernanda Ledesma is the president of ANPRI, the portuguese informatics teachers association, and coordinator of the Anprino project.
Luis Dourado is an informatics teacher at Augusto Cabrita school, Barreiro, Portugal, responsible for electronics integration and porting blockly to the Anprino educational coding environment.
Artur Coelho is an arts and ICT teacher at Venda do Pinheiro school, Mafra, Portugal, responsible for 3D design and printing.

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