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Automatic Egg Incubator
Automatic Egg Incubator

Automatic Egg Incubator

The automatic egg incubator will be used to maintain the perfect conditions to successfully incubate a fertilised chicken egg by monitoring and adjusting the temperature, humidity and relative motion of the egg's environment.

Currently designed to hold 3 eggs at a time, the incubator is a small device that makes use of resistive wire coils to generate heat with current, and a small fan to cool and regulate the environment when necessary. It also features the ability to rotate the eggs at given times, as studies have shown that a healthy chick is more likely to develop when subjected to some motion during the incubation period, similar to the motion they might see when being incubated by an adult chicken.

Automatic Egg Incubator

Lucio Pentagna

Lucio, Brazilian, Law Graduate and MBA in Business, ex executive, turned around his life, sold his house and bought a sailboat, crossed the Atlantic twice and lived for a WHOLE year with his family aboard, sailing around the coast of Brazil and Caribbean Islands. Loves Inventing, sailing, practicing Kung Fu and cooking. While he was living in Shanghai he joined the Shanghai Hackespace (XinCheJian) and he built the first working DIY 3D printer of the space from scratch. After that experience he decided to make his life hobby and passion into his full day activity. He then designed and fabricated his own 3D printers, creating different models with different capabilities including a portable 3D Printer. He founded the first Fab Lab in China “XinFab” His present goal is to build a Fab Lab in a farm. Located in the south coast of Portugal and to have an accessible place for anyone wanting to invent, prototype, change, make!

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