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Ascento - the jumping robot
Ascento - the jumping robot

Ascento - the jumping robot

We introduce a novel type of mobile robot combining both legs and wheels to maneuver agile and overcome obstacles.
The chosen approach is a two-wheeled inverted pendulum like robot that is capable of jumping. It combines light weight, a compact form factor and robust structural design through use of topology optimization. Stabilization and driving is achieved by a Linear Quadratic Regulator-scheme while jumping is controlled via a sequential semi-feed-forward control. With a maximum jump height of 0.35m and 0.1m of space to re-stabilize when landing.

Ascento - the jumping robot

Lionel Gulich, Victor Klemm, Nicola Küng, Dominik Mannhart, Alessandro Morra, Corentin Pfister, Ciro Salzmann, Marcus Vierneisel, Florian Weber

We are Bachelor students in Mechanical Engineering at the ETH Zürich and developed the robot during the last 10 months. For more information please contact us directly.

  H45 (pav. 5) - ETH Zurich - Autonomous Systems Lab focus project Ascento

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