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Cisco is the global technology leader that transforms the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Its mission is to shape the future of the Internet, creating the maximum value and the greatest opportunities for the company, for its customers, for its employees, investors and partners. In Italy since 1994, Cisco has always been at the side of companies, institutions and people in our country to support its growth.

In January 2016, Cisco launched in Italy the Digitaliani investment plan, created to accelerate the digitalisation of Italy by addressing the main issues for its digital transformation: spreading digital skills, creating a thriving innovation ecosystem, the digitization of key productive sectors of the Made in Italy, in Public Sector, in infrastructures.

In regards to Agrifood, Cisco will be active at Maker Faire Rome in Life Pavillon with a Demo. The demonstration aims at representing how Cisco can drive Industry Transformation interconnecting people, processes, objects and information.
The demo focuses on the Food Industry and its Supply Chain introducing a global service platform to ensure Quality and Traceability of food products.
The platform is part of the project “Safety for Food”, developed by Cisco Italy and selected Italian business partners and system integrators.
The decision to address the Food Industry underlies the following key rationales:
• the key importance of Food Safety and Nutrition, as confirmed by several recent global food alerts;
• the profound challenges that the Global Supply Chain is facing in terms of complexity and lack of regulations, controls and enforcement;
• the need for traceability expressed by all Stakeholders (Consumers, Food Companies, Authorities).
The challenges of current food supply chains can be effectively addressed through Traceability and Information Management, in order to ensure key benefits of Quality, Compliance, and Safety to the relevant stakeholders:
• Consumers, interested in quality and transparency;
• Food Companies, focused on compliance and control;
• Authorities, in need to ensure risk prevention, policy enforcement as well as recovery and remediation strategies in case of food epidemics.
The project “Safety for Food” develops and introduces a Unified Service Platform able to detect, collect, process and analyze targeted data throughout the supply chain, converting the acquired information into “knowledge” through business intelligence engines and context-aware analytics.
The information represents the key asset: the platform creates and consistently updates a Global Database of Food Products providing open and differentiated access to the information to each stakeholder.

Cisco Italia

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