Espositori 2019

Nao and friends

"Nao and Friends" is a project aimed by the cooperation between students from "quarto liceo scientifico" Michelangelo Bartolo and disadvantaged people from the day care center AGAPE, both based in Pachino (Siracusa). The two groups worked together in the realization of the "Saranno Famosi" musical, participating in the Nao Challenge 2019 and more. Few months of rehearsals to dance jointly, NAO included, in front of the Nao Challenge judges (in Messina and Zagarolo) with the shared goal of giving something to the others.

Nao and friends

I.I.S.S. "BARTOLO" & "AGAPE" di Pachino (SR)

12 ragazzi delle classi quarte della sezione Liceo Scientifico dell'Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "M. Bartolo" di Pachino (SR) e i ragazzi del Centro Diurno "AGAPE" di Pachino (SR). Hanno costituito un team, "Dal Sud del Sud" che ha partecipato alla NAO CHALLENGE 2019.

  D12 (pav. 5) - IISS BARTOLO & AGAPE - Pachino (SR)

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