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SBP Game

B (come Board: un gioco da tavolo con figure geometriche in stampa 3D) S (come Smart: quiz che si apre in un dispositivo intelligente) P (come Programmazione: il pulsante di gioco è un robot Bee-Bot, che devi programmare per avvicinarti alla destinazione) Gioco - eccitante e istruttivo. Creato per bambini dai 7 anni in su per sviluppare conoscenze sui comportamenti sicuri in Internet.

SBP Game

Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium, Form 12

We are Pärnu Koidula Güymnasium’s IT and modern technologies selection course students Kärt Kaljuvee (11th grade) and Künter Suve (10th grade). For ProgeTiigri “Gamemarathon” we generated idea to create our game which introduces players how to use internet safely and how to program which we put together in a boardgame we made.
We are very satisfied how the game turned out to work. Teamwork was very good which made the game making process even easier. Also we had a very good teamwork with our teacher, who helped us gladly and directed us in the right way. We find that this game is useful for everybody and everyone finds something new and exciting while playing our game. We hope that our game introduces students programming and the fun sides about robots and calls for to continue to keep dealing with this stuff

  D33 (pav. 5) - Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium - Pärnu (Estonia)

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