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Personal Robotics

Personal Robotics punta a fornire kit di sperimentazione robotica per programmatori e sperimentatori. I kit rappresentano archetipi di robot, come umanoidi e semplici bipedi, forniscono una piattaforma fisica a chiunque stia facendo sperimentazione AI, Computer Vision, computer interaction, IoT o qualcuno che stia semplicemente imparando a programmare. I robot sono open source e realizzati con materiali ecologici che utilizzano parti pronte all'uso.

Personal Robotics

Per R.Ø. Salkowitsch

Per R.Ø. Salkowitsch is a biologist, musician, inventor, sculptor and father working in Vienna, where he has been living since he started hanging out at universities. After being fed up with waiting for the robot revolution, that he was being promised by science fiction media as a child, he decided to start it himself. When his wooden robotic creations started getting great feedback, he thought it would be time to share them with the world and started Personal Robotics. When he is not building robots Per is mostly making weird soundscapes or brewing his own beers.

  F38 (pav. 8) - Per Salkowitsch

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