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Robotics with MATLAB

There is a long history of MATLAB/Simulink use in robotics teaching and research. MATLAB/Simulink forms the basis of tutorials and laboratories for many robotics courses around the world. In more recent times there has been interest in using MATLAB/Simulink for robotics problems beyond the classical arm-manipulator kinematics, dynamics, and control, for example computer vision, path planning SLAM, and connecting MATLAB/Simulink to real-world robots such as LEGO MINDSTORMS and NAO robot, and robot middleware (e.g., ROS). In this project, we share how MATLAB/Simulink accelerate their pace of teaching and research in robotics, and to leverage existing MATLAB codes and Simulink Models from peer instructors and researchers.

Robotics with MATLAB

MathWorks Academia

Stefano received a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Bologna, Italy, on July 1995, and got a Post Graduate Advanced Degree in Information Technology at CEFRIEL, Polytechnic of Milan the same year.
He’s been with MathWorks since 2005. After spending eight years as a Senior Application Engineer in the field of Signal Processing and Communication Systems, supporting companies in the Communications, Electronics, Semiconductors, and Aerospace and Defense industry segments, Stefano is currently working with the Academia Group to help the top universities with the adoption of MathWorks tools for effective teaching and research.
Before that, he worked with R&D labs in STMicroelectronics and Philips Research, where he dealt with the design and development of wireless communication and video processing systems.
Stefano has also been Contract Professor with the University of Milano for three years, where he was teaching Transmission Theory for the Telecommunication Software Engineering Bachelor Degree.

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