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The Citychrone platform is a concrete notable example of a platform including engaging and meaningful visualizations of the present and friendly scenario simulation engines. Citychrone is a platform that allows common citizens to redesign urban and interurban spaces in a perspective closer to common people’s perception: “spatial” distances between places are mapped into “temporal” distances. It integrates flexible data analysis tools with a simple scenario simulation platform in the area of urban accessibility. In this way, Citychrone provides users with a powerful tool to assess the present status of urban accessibility and design and evaluate future scenarios.


Bernardo Monechi, Enrico Ubaldi, Vittorio Loreto

Bernardo Monechi is an Assistant Researcher at Sony CSL Paris. In his research, he exploits the typical tools of Complex Systems Physics trying to find for new approaches to the study of human creativity, considering creativity as the process of exploring spaces of possibilities looking for valuable novel elements. He is also interested in the modelization of techno-social systems (Urban Environments, Railway Systems, etc.), trying to involve citizens in the research process by means of engaging gamified social experiments.

Enrico Ubaldi is an Assistant Researcher at Sony CSL Paris. His research is to unveil and describe these underlying processes by using Complex
Systems techniques in combination with machine learning tools. He is also engaged in the development of digital platforms for sustainability to create playful environments aimed at assessing the present situation and allow citizens to participate in the decision process to conceive and simulate future scenarios.

Vittorio Loreto is the Director of Sony CSL Paris and head of the Creativity and Artificial Intelligence Team in the same lab. His research activity is focused on complexity science and its interdisciplinary applications. Along the past years, he has been active in several fields from granular media, to complexity and information theory, from social dynamics to sustainabilty. His work also focuses on understanding and modeling how the “new” enters our lives in its multiform instantiations: personal novelties or global innovation, blending, in a unitary interdisciplinary effort, three main activities: web-based experiments, data science, and theoretical modeling.

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