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Che fine hanno fatto gli unicorni?

Che fine hanno fatto gli unicorni?

Some time ago it was said that the Data Scientist was a sort of mythological animal (unicorn) able to summarize Mathematical, Computer skills and the specific domain of application.
The IBM has realized, in collaboration with the LUISS University, some Data Science projects proposed by Italian and Multinational companies to young girls of the Business School Masters.
The challenge was to achieve a successful result with teams of non-scientific extraction girls but with skills in marketing, law, economics, etc.
This has been possible through the use of technologies that are part of the IBM Cloud Pack For Data that provides users with easy platforms to develop Machine and Deep Learning models without requiring knowledge in the IT or Math domain.
The most significant projects concerning:
a) Market segmentation for customized marketing campaigns
b) Brand Awareness of some international brands


Che fine hanno fatto gli unicorni?

Ennio Picarelli - IBM

Client Technical Advisor
IBM, Rome (Italy) since 1988, before Designer at Aerospace Company
Digital Transformation technical Architect for the Italian Public Sector. Business Development, design, engineering and delivery support of innovative solutions on Cloud (public, private, hybrid), AI, Blockchain, DEVOPS.
He worked for most of the Government's customers and, for long periods, acting as a technical advisor for IBM of some of the most important acquiring a cross knowledge of this sector.
Technical Sales Leader for IBM Public Sector Italy.

  Ennio Picarelli - IBM

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