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Hiba Ali, in their video, Abra, is in conversation with Amazons customer-obsessed mascot, Peccy. Their discussion about working-class labour, surveillance and bubbles (economic, social and soap filled), literally paints the video orange. They contend that orange is the contemporary color of labour and surveillance, it is racialized and classed.

Medium: Video
Year: 2018
Directed and edited by Hiba Ali. Shot by Emily Pelstring.


Hiba Ali

Hiba Ali is a producer of moving images, sounds, couture and words. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, they belong to East African, South Asian and Arab diasporas. They work on two long term art and publication projects: an art-based PhD project that examines womyn of colours labour, and architecture of surveillance as it exists within the monopoly of Amazon (corp.); and the Black Indian Ocean project which features the music, cloth and ritual of African descent communities across the Indian Ocean region.They are an Assistant Professor of New Media Artist/Feminist Discourse at the College of Design in the Art & Technology Program at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR and a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.

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