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Parko: RML (Rome Mobility Link)

Parko: RML (Rome Mobility Link)

RML (Rome Mobility Link) potenzia la mobilità sostenibile, la gestione scolastica e l'accessibilità attraverso innovativi dispositivi RFID indossabili e connettività cloud.

Parko: RML (Rome Mobility Link)

Khaled Megahed CEO and Business Development Manager,Dr M.Nazmy Co-Founder e CTO

Khaled Megahed, our CEO and Business Development Manager, brings extensive experience in driving business growth and strategic partnerships. With a passion for innovation, he envisions a future where parking is seamless and sustainable.

DR Mo.Nazmy is a Business man and engineer with over 40 years in the ICT field in Canada and MENA.

Together, our diverse team is united by a shared vision to transform the parking industry and create a positive impact on urban mobility. With our expertise and passion, we are driving the evolution of parking into a seamless, sustainable, and connected experience

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