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Jacek NagÅ?owski - Whispers

On the Polish-Ukrainian borderland the rhythm of life is slow, but underneath the surface of things the density of it leads beyond understanding. Life and death do not mean the persistence and disappearance of biological processes here, they are impenetrable forces that constitute the reality.
This is where the Whisperer lives. She heals people using the power of words, gestures and images. Rough nature, religious ceremonies and pagan rituals are what you will encounter along the path to this state of mind.


Sabato 12 Dicembre

Dalle 14.00 alle 15.00 CET

Evento su digital.makerfaire.eu
Jacek NagÅ?owski - Whispers

Jacek NagÅ?owski

Jacek NagÅ?owski (31.07.1978) - producer and/or director of over 25 documentaries and fictions
awarded multiple times at international film festivals. Since 2015 focused on cinematic Virtual Reality.
Co-founder and co-director of cinematic VR/AR lab at Lodz Film School guiding art practice as a
research of a new narrative language for immersive media.

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