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AQP-IoT: Connected Sensing of Air Quality

The European Space Agency (ESA/ESRIN) has developed a low-cost customised platform (AQP: Air Quality Platform) to measure Air Quality parameters like CO2, PM2.5, PM10, etc. using a RasperryPi, an Arduino board and several different kinds of low-cost air quality sensors. Several units have been assembled and distributed around Europe, in schools, universities and other locations, allowing the deployment of a network of connected air quality sensors, in the spirit of IoT.

The exhibition will walk you through the AQP hardware and demonstrate the web/software capabilities of the AQP-IoT network.


Domenica 13 Dicembre

Dalle 14.30 alle 16.00 CET

Evento su digital.makerfaire.eu
AQP-IoT: Connected Sensing of Air Quality

Stefano Palchetti

Paulo Sacramento

Massimiliano Ferrante

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