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Dr Wolowitz: Hands-on AutoDevKit & STM32ODE

Join this hands-on session to meet our AutoDevKit and STM32ODE experts who will answer your questions and help you in building your first prototype project with:

  • AutoDevKit, a fast, flexible and complete development ecosystem for automotive and transportation applications;

  • STM32 Open Development Environment (STM32ODE), an open, flexible, easy and affordable way to develop innovative devices and applications based on the STM32 32-bit microcontroller family combined with other state-of-the-art ST components connected via expansion boards. It enables fast prototyping with leading-edge components that can quickly be transformed into final designs


Domenica 09 Ottobre

Dalle 15.00 alle 17.00 CET

Area Workshop STMicroelectronics

Padiglione F

Dr Wolowitz: Hands-on AutoDevKit & STM32ODE

Categoria Partners · Type Talk