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Maker Movement and the Future of Work

I've been researching during the last year about the professional careers that could be tailored to young makers. Since 2015, we have taught digital fabrication to over one thousand teenagers. Their more common response is: I really love the space and the mood here but... I need to get a job as soon as possible.

What kinds of jobs will be available in the next decade? Are they fit for makers? We have surveyed over a hundred experts in digital fabrication, education and work trends to detect which skills will be demanded and which jobs will have a better perspective in the next decade.

All this information will be published in September in a report, available with Creative Commons license, and shared with all attendees.

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Venerdì 18 Ottobre
Dalle 16.00 alle 17.00
8.STAGE8A pav. 8
Maker Movement and the Future of Work

César García Sáez

César García Sáez. Speaker and researcher specialized on digital fabrication, Internet of Things, open design processes.

Host at La Hora Maker, a podcast in Spanish focused on Maker Movement and digital fabrication. Co-founder of Makespace Madrid. Madrid Mini Maker Faire organizer. Exhibitor and speaker at European events like European Maker Faire, FabFestival (Toulouse). Speaker at
international Fablabs meetings at Barcelona, Boston and Shenzhen.

Appointed by COTEC Foundation, focused on Innovation at a national scale, as Expert in 3D Printing for Societal and Economical impact. Mentor at European Social Innovation Challenge.
Website: www.lahoramaker.com

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