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PicoBricks: Programing Robotics with Python & Arduino & MicroBlocks


Hello, We made a new development board which can use for learning coding and robotic projects. It's working with Raspberry Pi Pico and we also support Python, Arduino and MicroBlocks programing language.

PicoBricks has 10 different modules on board and also it can detechable. So; you can make what ever you want. Pico Bricks is a fantastic project development kit for STEM educators and makers of all levels.

PicoBricks announced on Kickstarter at May and reach more than 2000 backer&maker.

Our target group is young makers from secondary school level. With the workshop we will do, they will prepare and remotely control their PicoBricks based robots.

In addition, with the smart garden we have prepared, they will monitor the soil moisture and the temperature of the greenhouse and control the fans and windows remotely.

PicoBricks allows the use of modules on it without any cable mess. In this way, we will be able to manage the workshop easily and everyone will learn new things while having fun.


Lunedì 14 Novembre

Dalle 17.00 alle 18.00 CET


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PicoBricks: Programing Robotics with Python & Arduino & MicroBlocks

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