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NEON RENAISSANCE: Arte, Natura, Spirito e Tecnologia per una nuova Conoscenza

I will be delivering a talk on the core concepts surrounding my vision to activate a neo-renaissance movement in the 21st Century. I refer to this idea as "Neon Renaissance"-- a play on words which implicates the power of an energetic light source which radiates color and vibration (Neon) and the notions of a Renaissance movement, which historically brought art history out of the Dark Ages and into a new way of seeing. The world as we know it is blocked and locked in old patterns and ways of thinking which have not evolved to meet and match the current metamedia hyperreality that we are amidst. In the past century, the negation of nature via simulated experiences and commodified cultural consumerism has offset the ability to live sustainably, and it is having a profound impact on the collective consciousness. In short-- the energy on Planet Earth is imbalanced and morale is low for many people, and we need to reorient the way that we are looking at things. This power begins in our minds, and I am interested in discussing the individual and collective mindwork that needs to be done in order to create a shift in consciousness which could induce a more positive and solution-based way of approaching the future.

As an artist and thinker, my work gravitates around scientific research surrounding the electromagnetic fields of vibration, radiant energy and the laws of physics, and the ways that energetic patterns and frequencies impact our conscious experiences. Every action has a reaction. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is rather transformed over time. I am looking to transform the energy with these discussions. I am interested in creating conversations which help people consider the ways that we could be thinking differently in order to create more harmony. "Thinking About Thinking”, as I like to say (and think!).
I believe that nature, man, and technology can and shall be able to coexist harmonically. “A man can do all things, if he will”, wrote the great Renaissance man, Leon Battista Alberti. In order for harmonic principles to happen, we need to be mindful about how we will ourselves into these mind-fields. I believe that via the careful observation and investigations of patterns found in nature, and in the history of mankind, we can better understand how we can use technology to help us, and not hurt us. This performance serves to speak to these ideas in an artful, principled manner.


Domenica 13 Dicembre

Dalle 20.00 alle 21.00 CET

Evento su digital.makerfaire.eu
NEON RENAISSANCE: Arte, Natura, Spirito e Tecnologia per una nuova Conoscenza

Valentino Catricalà

Valentino Catricalà è studioso e curatore d’arte contemporanea. Si è specializzato nell’analisi del rapporto degli artisti con le tecnologie e con i media. È vice-direttore della rivista VCS - Visual Culture Studies.

Signe Pierce

Signe Pierce is a multimedia artist whose work straddles performance, photography, video, music, cultural theory, social media, light, design and installation.

As a self-described "reality artist", Pierce's work is inspired by the Duchampian concept of reality being an artistic medium that we can collectively work within. As a writer, performer, and theorist, she is known for using humor, seduction, technology, science and current events to unpack the various paradoxes of perception and existence within an increasingly simulated world, as well as working to discern what is considered "real" within a burgeoning era of technological singularity.

Pierce has partaken in multiple performances, installations, screenings, and exhibitions, including solos at Eigen + Art Lab in Berlin, Times Square Space in New York, Annka Kultys Gallery in London, as well as a screening + performance at the Museum of Modern Art, US, and artist's talks at Yale University, University of Colorado, and Southern Methodist University. She is the star and co-creator of the acclaimed short film, American Reflexxx, which has been viewed over a million times on YouTube and screened in over 15 countries since 2015.

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