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The Museum of Interactivity (MoI) collects past and present ideas about interaction design

The CIID Museum of Interactivity showcases final projects from the graduates from Interaction Design Programme 


The Museum of Interactivity (MoI) is a virtual space that collects past and present ideas about interaction design. The MoI wants to be a place of inspiration for the next generation of creators of interactions.

Covering environmental and social issues, art, education and the extension of the human senses – the projects are the closing ones ff the inaugural year at CIID Costa Rica. They all demonstrate the multi-disciplinary, exploratory, and potentially disruptive nature of Interaction Design.

The Museum of Interactivity showcasse final projects from the graduates from our inaugural Interaction Design Programme (IDP) in Costa Rica.
The Museum of Interactivity is a fantastic opportunity to be inspired by projects that have taken a life-centered approach in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and to meet and network with the designers (who will be available on zoom/hangout) in real-time.

The hope is that these projects won’t stop at the exhibition and that some of these concepts will transform into actual products and services that will impact positively on people and the planet.

Visit the Museum of Interactivity here.

About CIID

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) is an international hub of creative minds. We share a passion for people and life-centered design which enables us to create impact through the design of innovative products, services and environments. The CIID community reaches far and wide with our proactive alumni, faculty and collaborators living and working around the globe.

What is Interaction Design

Interaction Design is a practice that combines traditional design disciplines with socio-technological trends. It leads to intuitive solutions for products, software and services. The discipline touches on all aspects of life and therefore has significant impact on society and industry.

While Interaction Design has historically utilized a people-centered approach, CIID has evolved to be life-centered.
Starting from the premise that everything is connected, human beings are not separate from the planet that we all live on. Life-Centered Design means contributing to all living systems in a way that actively helps them survive and thrive.

Technology is often presented as a medium, however we don’t only deal with technological offerings. People have been interacting with each other and their environment since time immemorial. Therefore, Interaction Design can also be applied to the development of analogue solutions that connect or communicate information.

Closely related to Service Design, Strategic Design and Experience Design – Interaction Design is not so much about visual and physical aesthetics but rather about the beauty of intangible experiences.


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