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The Ovni Test
The Ovni Test

The Ovni Test

Visiva creazione artistica. Questo è per controllare un mondo spaziale crea 3D PLA.
A fronte di un UFO che si sposta solo attraverso i movimenti del corpo.
Gli artisti usano i sensi fisici per dare vita ad un mondo e un linguaggio universale.
Prendere le maniglie e buon divertimento!

The Ovni Test

Videix Pierre & Juif Simon

Videix Pierre
Noted for its natural grandeur and building cooperation in the field of cinema .It takes part in the creation of decorations for about twenty French films. Today it develops as qu'artste artist and his art journey between graphic arts, interactive and éléctronique.De 3d, plastic, wood cardboard creative.Artiste everything is material for his contemporary time it offers answers and a fantastic vision the world we live in

Juif Simon
It starts 16 years by an apprenticeship as an electronics industry and incorporates Technical University of Regensburg and Nuremberg. He starts the manufactured material for sound. It creates LeSuèdois Audio in 2009 and accepted an invitation Studios Courcelles (Paris post production studio) set up his workshop. Today he makes his own projects and inventions while meeting the demands of artists from the synth Creation repairs analog, digital, organs, LED and interactive.

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