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ArticaCC - Gyro | Visualino

ArticaCC - Gyro | Visualino

Gyro is an affordable and customizable robotic platform. Can be used as a gadget, educational toy or learning platform.

The PCB includes gyroscope, accelorometer, slave microcontroller for motors, master microcontroller for programming behavior. It includes onboard microphone, buzzer and allows charging a Lipo battery through USB connection or transformer. Allows Arduino shields and Xbee format socket for wireless modules.

It has two open source libraries for high level or low level usage. Also has a web-based visual programming tool to intuitively define robot behaviors.

Visualino is a visual programming tool to program Arduino's, relying on a programming paradigm called Behaviour Trees, users can create simple tasks but also intricate complex behaviours.

ArticaCC - Gyro | Visualino


ArticaCC is a Portuguese SME founded in 2011 by ex-YDreams employees trying to build a company based on what they liked doing, interactive installations and robotic customization. Artica's ethos is to transform emerging technologies and art into meaningful human experiences. Artica digs electronics, education, robots, digital fabrication, prototyping, and all things creative.

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