Espositori 2015

Bi-polar Graph

We dream about machines having a personality. We dream about a robotic painter that adds some personal touch to each of his paintings. That's what Bipolar graph is about, an almost standard polar graph we designed ourselves, adding the ability to capture visitor faces and sketch them. The same subject is drawn differently based on the machine mood, affected by heat, noise, number of visitors using the installation, plus some random insanity typical of any artist!

Bi-polar Graph

Fab Lab Toscana

Fab Lab Toscana is an experiment of building a distributed Fab Lab across a whole region. It was started off the ground of existing nodes in the Fab Lab network, including Fab Lab Cascina and Fab Lab Contea and aims to bring digital fabrication all over the Tuscany region.

  X9 - FabEconomy

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