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QroKee, the strange machine that helps you draw (with holograms)
QroKee, the strange machine that helps you draw (with holograms)

QroKee, the strange machine that helps you draw (with holograms)

QroKee©, the odd device that helps you draw (with holograms)

QroKee© comes as a standing structure, where one finds a digital tablet at the top, the screen facing down, a “magic mirror” in the middle, and the workplan at the bottom on which the sheet is placed to perform the drawing.

By looking through the mirror, one can see the reflection of the tablet’s screen that appears precisely on the sheet, without special glasses and regardless of the point of view. A simple light control lets one blend the reflection with the drawing. The key advantage of this technique: the model-image always remains visible, without distortion, even under the hand or the pencil, which allows to work very easily without tedious contortions !

QroKee: the tracing paper of the Future !

By "solving" the complex problems of perspective and proportions, QroKee© encourages people with no special skills or training in arts to gain confidence and start drawing. Everyone can experiment with different techniques (pencils, markers, watercolor, ...) to obtain in the end a unique artwork they can be proud of!

QroKee© is compatible with all tablets or smartphones from 5" to 12"
A dedicated software application will be available for free.

QroKee© was first presented at the Maker Faire Paris 2015 and at the Geekopolis meeting (on the Intel Booth), with very enthusiastic and encouraging feedbacks from the general public:
• Children 5 to 10 years old are absolute fans of the machine, and parents like seeing them come back to the real world of creation and matter!
• Teens can practice manga-super-heroes drawing or directly customize their t-shirts with fabric paint.
• Adults are rediscovering the pleasure of drawing and coloring and hobbyists get now a unique form-transfer tool that can be used on any type of material (cardboard, fabric, wood, Fimo© ...)
• Elders are motivated by a stimulating motor activity linked with artistic content.

QroKee: because drawing should be fun!

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QroKee, the strange machine that helps you draw (with holograms)

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