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Make Christmas Lights ACEA contest


Promoted by ACEA, Gold Partner of Maker Faire Rome

The Contest was born from the desire to create, in preparation for the upcoming Christmas holidays of 2019, a high-level artistic lighting project for the city of Rome. ACEA, in fact, provides lighting installations during the Christmas season to decorate the streets of the city centre of Rome. This important initiative is highly appreciated by citizens and has a strong artistic value.

The objective of the Contest is, therefore, to combine traditional Christmas lights with the latest electronic and digital technologies (sensors, data feeds, interactivity), thanks to the creativity of the maker community who are able to express a complex set of figures and professional experiences.

The aim of the Contest is to support those who, in keeping with the philosophy of the maker community, based on the actual needs of citizens, apply their creativity towards an innovative, original and sustainable solution.

Prize: the winner will receive a prize of € 40,000.00 and will be assigned the role of artistic director for the submitted project; the award ceremony will take place during the seventh edition of Maker Faire Rome.

The evaluation committee is composed of: Massimiliano Paolucci, Massimiliano Garri, Tiziana Flaviani, Alberto Scarlatti and Alessandro Ranellucci.

Read the rules.

How to participate: the deadline for submitting applications to participate has expired on 31/07/2019


12 September 2019 – Notice

In relation to the selection activities of the contest “Luminarie Natalizie Roma 2019, Make Christmas Lights ACEA”, we inform you that the name of the Participant Winner of the contest will be communicated during the Awards Ceremony, which will take place, as scheduled, as part of the initiatives of the event “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2019”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install poles at a distance from the walls?

It is not possible to provide for the installation of temporary (or permanent) poles during construction of Via del Corso. For the other areas, yet to be identified, temporary poles must be approved in advance by the municipalities.

What is the maximum weight to be installed on each cable?

Maximum weight that can be installed on a single cable: the design loads for a single cable are 8.5 kN tensile force, 3.5 kN vertical shear and 6 kN horizontal shear. 

What material is to be used and what type of anchoring to the wall?

Thickness and material making up the cable, and type of anchoring to the wall: steel rope on certified resin wall anchors.

Is it possible to have a altimetric plan of the lighting lamps in Via del Corso?

>>> The file can be downloaded here

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