Overview of Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition 2020


Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition,  the event that takes you into the future, returns from 10 to 13 December.

Overview Maker Faire Rome 2020: robot football match

Overview #MFR2020

Do you want an overview?

Maker Faire Rome, in Europe, is now an essential event for those who are passionate about technology and innovation, digital artisans, schools, universities, educators, research centres, artists, students, businesses, curious and passionate people of all ages who are ready to leap into the future!

#MFR2020 is a blended event!

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2020 will happen from 10 to 13 December and will be blended, a mix of physical and digital events: Onsite, Online, Onlife!

A small overview for you

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2020 has, in fact, a new format that prioritises the use of digital sessions, through online platforms and channels.

“Physical” events, therefore, designed ad hoc to bring together the public, businesses, makers, innovators, startups, offering everyone an engaging and memorable user experience.

Rome is, therefore, the hub of the event and is strengthening the provision of training content for professionals and the general public.

The international dimension also makes use of contributions from fablab & makerspace, universities, research centres of excellence, cultural academies and institutes, innovation hubs, accelerators, companies and institutions from Europe and all over the world.

Main topics overview

Robotics and artificial intelligence, AR and VR, IoT, digital manufacturing, self-production, space exploration, food-tech, agri-tech, urban-tech and green building, art, music, mobility, health, circular economy, sustainability, environment and climate change, innovation and training technologies and much more.

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Maker Faire Rome 2020 Partners


Robot What is Maker Faire?

It is the most important event in the world of innovation. Is a showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. Maker Faire gathers together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, schools, universities, research institutes, artists, students, and corporations. Makers come to show their creations and share their learnings. Attendees flock to Maker Faire Rome to glimpse the future and find the inspiration to become Makers themselves.


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