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What is Maker Faire

MFR19Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is an annual fair, open to the visitors, which is held in Rome, dedicated to innovation, technology, and creativity. It brings together innovators, makers, and enthusiasts from all over Europe. In addition to showcasing projects and inventions, it offers workshops, conferences, and labs to acquire technical skills and stimulate collaboration. It attracts students, startups, companies, and government entities, fostering idea exchange and technological evolution. It has become a reference point for the European innovators community, highlighting Italy as a center of innovation and creativity.

For the organization of Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, Innova Camera operates under license from Make Co, owner of the Maker Faire brand.

Maker Faire Rome is the premier event for innovation in Italy and Europe, holding the prestigious title of Global Maker Faire. The project is promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce and organized by Innova Camera, a Special Agency dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurial system development, as part of the Digital Business Point (PID) project, in synergy with other national and international institutions.

The Rome Chamber of Commerce and Innova Camera firmly believe that Maker Faire Rome can inspire a new way of doing business through the culture of “know-how,” including digital skills, where tradition and innovation merge in a unique and recognizable way: the “Made in Italy” spirit.

The topics covered by “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” are: IoT & Electronics, Smart Cities, Circular Economy, Biohacking, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Smart Robotics, Digital Manufacturing, Education, Robotics and AI, Mobility and Drones, Agritech & Food, Gaming.

The Call Mechanism

Calls, within the framework of Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, represent a fundamental mechanism for selecting and inviting participants who wish to showcase their projects and ideas during the event without paying any fee.

The Call process is typically divided into several stages. Initially, an official call is published, open to anyone interested,Interested participants are invited to fill out a dedicated application form, which usually requires detailed information about the project, After the application phase concludes, a panel of experts carefully evaluates all the received applications. The panel considers criteria such as the originality of the idea, technological innovation, social or environmental impact, and project feasibility. Based on this evaluation, the participants who will have the opportunity to present their work during Maker Faire Rome are selected.
The selected projects are then contacted and officially invited to participate in the event.


Maker Faire Rome is also a huge stage for companies, a physical and virtual place in which to make themselves known and get in touch with a competent and interested public, a showcase in which to present their innovative products and services. A unique and unmissable opportunity to be seized!
Those interested in becoming partners of the event can, starting now, present their proposal by participating in the Call for partners. In fact, Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition represents an opportunity for companies, researchers, bodies and institutions to promote their product or service, or their projects by coming into contact with a competent and interested public.