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Who are the Makers

Who are the Makers?

Makers are technology enthusiasts, educators, thinkers, inventors, engineers, authors, artists, students, artisans, including those in the digital sphere.

All those, then, who create and amaze us with the power of their ideas.

They are people, startups and companies that solve problems and help to create a more sustainable society.

Their motto is “do it yourself” and, above all, “let us do it together”. They are, in fact, part of an international community that has a presence in over 100 countries, sharing information and knowledge both through the web and through real physical places, fablabs or makerspaces.

What does it really mean to be a “Maker?”

This word is used a lot in the media these days and perhaps not everyone rally grasps what being a maker really means.

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They use machines such as miller cutters and 3D printers, but also open source software and hardware, for their projects. They exchange solutions and co-design in a participatory way, they prototype and validate innovations, today they represent a real cultural movement capable of having an enormous impact on the economic and social development of communities. This is because of their ability to explore new avenues or simply to go along existing ones in a new way.

Makers from every sector, from Italy and the world, are coming together at Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition.


“There are three categories of people in the world: the “wanters”, the “wishers”, and the “makers” – Israelmore Ayivor, inspirational writer, speaker and photographer.

New digital design and prototyping technologies are giving everyone the power to invent and create “the long tail of things”. – Chris Anderson, Wired.

“You do not need anyone’s permission to do great things.” – Massimo Banzi,   Arduino.

“We are the next we” – Shawn Lukas, VC