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Also this year we wanted Maker Faire Rome not to be only a point of arrival for those who exhibited their projects, but a real kick off.

The contest are special initiatives aimed to enhancing and rewarding the best projects on some specific themes.

A public and tangible recognition of the value of the maker projects exhibited during the event.

At the moment there are no international CONTESTS COMBINED WITH #MFR2024, below are those for 2023

Make To Care: an award to Makers that help overcoming disability.

make to care


Promoted by: Sanofi (Gold Partner of MFR2023)

The award stems from the desire to bring out and facilitate the implementation, along with the dissemination, of innovative and useful solutions to meet the real needs of people who have any form of disability, as any sharp decrease in the quality of life due to diseases and/or traumatic events.


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MY Maker PCBA: your electronics for a better planet – The contest to improve the future of our planet

Companies and makers have always collaborated in building a better future, becoming co-protagonists in the search for ideas and projects capable of (re)generating a positive impact in the contexts in which they operate thanks to the power of ideas and electronic technology. 

The contest rewards the first three projects selected with the creation, by Fae Technology, of prototypes of electronic boards (developed on the basis of the Project presented, based on their level of complexity) also offering the possibility of presenting one’s Project during Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, within the Fae Technology space and by participating in any awards event. 

The contest is organized by FAE Technology in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome and FARNELL.

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is the contest that promotes the Circular Consumption Charter and the values of recycling, reuse and co-design.

To participate it was necessary to have a project on sustainability, reuse and saving of natural resources. Up to 3000 euros up for grabs.

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