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SAGA: Swarm Robotics for Agricultural Applications
SAGA: Swarm Robotics for Agricultural Applications

SAGA: Swarm Robotics for Agricultural Applications

In this project, we showcase the latest results about the application of swarm robotics for the agricultural domain.
Robotics is expected to play a major role for precision agriculture, and often multi-robot systems with collaborative approaches are mentioned as potential solutions to improve efficiency and system robustness. Among the multi-robot approaches, swarm robotics stresses aspects like flexibility, scalability and robustness in solving complex tasks, and is considered very relevant for precision farming and large-scale agricultural applications. SAGA brings swarm robotics into the field, thanks to a distributed monitoring and mapping application and the exploitation of on-board vision on a swarm of high-end UAVs.

SAGA: Swarm Robotics for Agricultural Applications

Vito Trianni

Vito Trianni is a tenured researcher at the ISTC-CNR, the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the Italian National Research Council. He owns a Ph.D. in Applied Sciences delivered by the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2006. His research interests span the fields of swarm intelligence and swarm robotics, with particular emphasis on the design and analysis of complex self-organising systems and distributed cognitive processes. Dr. Trianni pioneered the domain of Evolutionary Swarm Robotics, that is, the synthesis of collective behaviours for robotic swarms through the exploitation of evolutionary robotics techniques. Currently, Dr. Trianni is focusing on the development of (automatic) design practices for distributed cognitive systems within and beyond the robotics domain.

  A33 (pav. 6) - CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

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